ABILIFY Drug Profile, 2020



ABILIFY Drug Profile, 2020 is part of DrugPatentWatch’s deep library of business intelligence on biopharmaceutical drugs.

The report focuses on ABILIFY and covers the following critical aspects of this drug:

  • United States patents
  • Expired United States patents
  • FDA Paragraph IV patent challenges
  • District Court patent litigation
  • Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) patent cases
  • European supplementary protection certificates (SPCs)
  • Clinical trials
  • Drug prices
  • Annual sales revenues
  • Finished product suppliers
  • Raw active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) sources

About DrugPatentWatch

DrugPatentWatch is a provider of global business intelligence on biologic and small-molecule drugs, dedicated to helping clients make better decisions. Critical information on global drug patents is incorporated with litigation intelligence, drug prices, and historic sales figures to help users discover commercial opportunities and forecast future revenue events. Since 2005 DrugPatentWatch has served hundreds of large and small companies in more than 70 countries.


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